About Infospan

Infospan Inc. was founded in 2004, born fromasimple idea- hire smart, capable IT mavens to create a recognized professional services firm.Our vision is to help our consultants and our clients find their RIGHT MATCH by carefully selecting the best candidates and ALIGNING their CAREER VISIONS with the right projects. We believe in our HUMBLE BEGINNINGS and our strong core values, where we are DEDICATED to those who serve us and whom we serve.We believe in TRANSPARENCY in when it comes to how we do business. That means transparency for our CONSULTANTS and transparency for our CLIENTS. We are guided by our CORPORATE CULTURE, driven by TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT and a passion to maximize human INTELLIGENCE. As of today, Infospan has seen EXPONENTIAL GROWTHyear after year by serving Fortune 500 clients, government agencies and hundreds of other small to mid-size businesses across the US. FORERUNNERS in MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES, Infospan has over 10 years of experience in consulting and GROOMING superior .NET and Sharepoint developers. More recently, we have BROADENED our vision to include CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS.

Our Services

Application Development
Business Analysts
Business Intelligence Reporting
Project Managers
Software Validation & Testing
Web Development
Online Marketing