Custom Application Development

Infospan custom application development services can leverage the latest technologies in .NET, JAVA or Mobile (iOS and Android) to provide scalable software solutions that grow with your business' needs.


Technical Staffing Solutions

Infospan provides hourly IT consultants to augment our client's existing IT teams. The skill set is defined by the client's needs. We deliver diverse technology experience and expertise across the IT lifecycle.


Project Management & Business Analysis

Infospan provides comprehensive project lifecycle services, from Project Scoping, Requirements Analysis, Design Reviews, Application Integration, Project Management as well as Testing and Maintenance.


Software Testing & Validation

Infospan testing services employ modern testing methodologies and tools that allow you to minimize the many risks associated with software bugs, incomplete functionality and inadequate application performance.

About Infospan

Infospan Inc. was founded in 2004, born fromasimple idea- hire smart, capable IT mavens to create a recognized professional services firm.Our vision is to help our consultants and our clients find their RIGHT MATCH by carefully selecting the best candidates and ALIGNING their CAREER VISIONS with the right projects.

What We Are Great At

Our loyalty lies with our consultants and our clients and our personal mantra- “transparency in everything we do”. Infospan, Inc. has enabled its clients to fulfill their critical business needs in order to achieve growth strategies, improve operations and capitalize on our technology leadership.


Passion is what has fueled our desire to start Infospan a decade ago and passion will continue to drive Infospan forward in the future. We are passionate about our employees, our services, and technology as it brings about relentless changes. We take pride in our passion, derive strength from the passion of our consultants and finally we seek to share that passion with the rest of the world.

At Infospan where excellence is the norm, transparency follows suit. When we select our consultants, we match our corporate goals with their ambitions. As such, when both parties move forward, they share and build a long-term relationship. When we deal with our clients we highlight our consultants’ strengths and weaknesses, we constantly scrutinize our business processes and we strive to improve current and prospective client relationships.

Infospan has had humble beginnings and company leaders have always used that as a reminder to do fair business. By deeply valuing openness, sincerity and approachability Infospan has managed to attract the right associates. It is no wonder that our consultants choose to stay with us in an ever shifting IT-Consulting world. It is also one of the main reasons why our clients have remained and continue to show their support to our services and our firm.

We choose to be innovative because its fuels our passion. Technology excites us to keep creating, optimizing and implementing. We support our consultants, our in house team to explore, train and educate themselves and embrace new concepts. We take ideas seriously and work through our shortcomings to create an environment where everyone feels they can be a part of the changing future.

The world continues to be our playground and we continue to shape our vision for the future of the organization and its employees. We represent the true American tenacity where each individual offers something unique to the organization and we strive to enhance it. Our consultants come from various backgrounds with varied and unique skill sets and we work hard to hone them to their best potential.

We have come a long way by being constantly dedicated to our field, our employees and mostly importantly our clients.When conducting business with our consultants or our clients, we measure our success with our efficacy and responsiveness. We provide timely IT-staffing solutions to clients looking for quick and effortless placements. Our dedicated team also carefully screen for potential consultants.